Personal Effectiveness

We are all the product of our life experiences, but we can make changes and develop our interpersonal effectiveness at any stage in our life

Our programme will help you to:

- discover your personality type (and that of others)
- identify your preferred interpersonal style
- increase your Emotional Intelligence
- recognise and control your emotions
- develop skills in setting boundaries, and conflict resolution
- become more self-aware
- communicate more effectively
- enhance your negotiation skills through theory & practice
- introduce you to NLP & the GROW model as effective tools for change
- set SMART goals that will assist you achieve your aims

Remember . . . Average is the Enemy of Excellence!

This programme can be provided to individuals on an incremental basis, or more effectively with small groups over a four to six week period, where our collective experience can be harnessed to benefit all participants.

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'Be who you are and do what you like because those who matter don't mind and those who do mind don't matter'. (Dr Seuss)

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