Career Coaching/Interview Skills

Our two hour Intensive, one to one Career Coaching will equip you on how to:

- assess your employment options
- undertake a personality & career profile
- prepare a professional CV
- enhance your confidence, your competence and your compatibility
- manage your nerves and enjoy the Interview experience
- perform at the peak of your ability
- match and exceed potential Employers expectations

We can assist you to Perform at your absolute best at Interview - why not invest in YOU?

This coaching can be provided face to face, or by telephone (where we call you at no extra cost). We will e-mail you some preliminary 'homework' questions, to ensure the session is focused on your needs!

All Career Coaching is supported by two week unlimited e-mail support following the coaching session, to allow you reflect on the session and gain a prompt response to any unanswered questions.

Employers are looking for the right person for the job . . . .not the right job for you! Sign up for our Career Coaching, and make sure you stand out from the crowd.

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