'Knowing Me . . .Knowing You

This two hour workshop will explore our inner motivations, and those of other people around us. Learn what makes you tick!

The workshop will explore:-

- Personality and how it can be measured
- Type A and Type B personality traits
- Enneagram and the 9 personality types
- Neuro Lingusistic Programming (NLP) and its impact on us all
- Emotional Intelligence
- Myers Briggs typeology

A core element of the workshop will be the time spent uncovering your own personality type, using the 'People Process' profile. You will be provided with an in-depth analysis of your individual profile, with associated information about how this data can be used to enhance your interpersonal effectiveness. There will also be an opportunity to review with other group members how individual profiles connect, interact and diverge from each other.

Finally, there is also an option to explore how knowing your personality type can influence your career choice and employment options.

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